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When buying a dolls house and furniture or dolls to go in it, it’s important to consider the scale of the house and accessories to ensure it will all work nicely together. We often get asked the same 3 questions about dolls house scales. Firstly, what the scale itself means. Secondly, can you mix and match furniture sizes, and, thirdly, which is the best scale for my child? We hope this guide gives you the information you need to feel confident when purchasing a dolls house:


What is a doll’s house scale?

Dolls houses are typically designed to replicate a real house and to add an element of realism their proportions tend to follow similar dimension ratios, too. Each product on our website includes a scale icon which helps to show its size and the proportions to which it’s been designed. Dolls House scales are measured in imperial measures, and, in simplest terms can be broken down by the following formula:


1 inch on the dolls house = x inches on a real item


We explain each scale further below:

1:6 Scale1:6 Scale

The 1:6 dolls house scale is sometimes called the Fashion Doll scale. They are suited to Barbie or similar 30cm tall dolls. KidKraft dolls houses are made in this scale. These dolls houses are the largest ones available and consideration needs to be given to whether they will fit into the space available.


1:12 Scale

1:12 Scale

1:12 scale is sometimes called one-inch scale and means 1 foot (or 12 inches) on a real item that has been scaled down to 1 inch. If you measure the ceiling in your house and it’s 10ft, it would be 10in in the dolls house. This is the most common scale for children’s dolls houses and our Le Toy Van and Hape houses and furniture are designed according to this size.


1:16 Scale1:16 Scale

The 1:16 dolls house scale is sometimes called the 3/4 scale. One inch in this scale equals 16 inches on a real item, or 3/4 inch equals 1 foot. Djeco and Sylvanian Families (excluding the animal figures) are made in this scale.


1:18 Scale1:18 Scale

Lundby dolls houses are made in the scale of 1:18 (sometimes called 2/3 scale). The same scaling rules apply as above: 1 inch in this scale equals 18 inches on a real item.


Which furniture scales work together?

Not all furniture will fit into all dolls houses and large furniture may clutter the rooms of a smaller scaled house or simply not fit at all. Smaller scaled furniture can sometimes work nicely in a larger dolls house as it can give the rooms a grand feeling as the ceilings will look taller. We do recommend selecting items from the same scale though, as your dolls house could end up looking mismatched otherwise. It’s completely up to you what furniture you put into your dolls house but this table may help narrow the items you consider:



Furniture Scale





Dolls House Scale























Which scale is best for my child?

Suitable for 4+ Year OldsSuitable for 3+ Year OldsSuitable for 1+ Year OldsThis completely depends on the age of your child, their fine motor skills and how gentle they are in their play. You may find a larger dolls house (e.g. 1:12 scale) is better for younger children as the pieces are bigger and typically easier to handle by little hands while a smaller house will often have more detailed features which could be better suited to a slightly older child who can interact with it more easily. This isn’t always the case though, so each product has a recommended age icon to help you decide.

Not suitable for 0-3 year oldsMany furniture sets come with miniature accessories like cups and books and if you have a child under 3, we recommend putting these aside until they are older as they could pose a choking hazard. Any products that don’t meet the Australian standard for under 3 year olds have this symbol on them.


Dolls House Scale Guide - Size Comparison

Comments (30)

Please help with furniture

By: on 18 June 2020
I have the Olli Ella Holdie House. Will Lundby furniture work in a 1/24 scale house?

The Dolls House Boutique Response
Given that the ceiling heights on this house are quite low, we suggest looking at Sylvanian Families furniture as they tend to be a bit shorter so will fit well in the Olli Ella Holdie House.


By: on 11 June 2020
Will 1:16th scale figures fit well in a 1:12 scale house with 1:12 scale furniture Or would 1:16 furniture be better?

The Dolls House Boutique Response
Yes, 1:16 figures are fine in a 1:12 scale house with 1:12 furniture - Djeco dolls are a very popular option for use in 1:12 scale houses as the height difference vs 1:12 scale dolls is only very small. Lots of people like to put Sylvanian Families (1:16 scale) into 1:12 scale dolls houses too for something a little different.

Thank you

By: on 29 May 2020
Thank you so much for explaining these details and providing charts, very handy and most helpful!

1:12 house to 1:16

By: on 5 February 2020
My house is 1:12 but found furnishings that are 1:16. Would this work?

The Dolls House Boutique Response
Yes, 1:16 scale furniture is fine in a 1:12 scale house (it just makes the rooms look bigger) but I would avoid mixing scales as 1:12 scale will look quite chunky alongside 1:16 scale.

Playmobil and 16th scale

By: on 5 February 2020
Hi would playmobil figures fit an 16th scale diy miniature house please?

The Dolls House Boutique Response
Unfortunately, Playmobil will look quite small in a 1:16 scale house. The figures are only around 7-7.5cm tall so when used with normal 1:16 scale furniture they will look quite short. They would perhaps work with Sylvanian Families furniture though as they are on the smaller side in 1:16 scale.

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